Zed Art

Presenting to you, live, in stereo, for your viewing pleasure, original artworks created by the Zed!

The Birth of Beef
Tropical Torrance Night
The Egg Situation
Thinking of Dad While Listening to Nick Drake
Dylan in Repose
A Distant Catalina
For Yves
Lager Girl
Yawny-kins Eats Fishtras Vomit
Bridging the Gap
Martian Tree Chakras Engorged with Saucer Love
An Onion, an Ocarina, and an Apple Take Flight
London Oval Bedroom
Autumnal Fruitings Spurting Mental on the Vine
Point One
Bacteria Cafeteria, Episode 1
Champagne Glass & Banana Emersed in Sea
Sagan Memorial, #2


1999,2000 by chris & angel lacanfora-jones all rights reserved